WASEDA Research Portal

Securing research time, Outsourcing & Employing research assistant



WASEDA research acceleration program for early-stage principal investigators

This university-wide program is intended to give a global boost to daring and pioneering research by PIs so as to help them cultivate universal wisdom and create new social value without fear of failure.

Teaching Buyouts

In order to secure research time for researchers, this system allows them to pay for non-research work on their behalf from their direct expenses.

Special program to support large scale research

The purpose is to provide support to concentrate on research for principal investigator who have acquired research funds over a certain size or young research principals who have acquired a specific research subject.

Work-Life Balance Support

Childcare and researcher support provided by Office for Promotion of Equality and Diversity.

Research support for “Life Events”

This support is for researchers of Waseda University who are on maternity or childcare leave; it is intended to support the continuation of their research activities by allocating research support staff and research assistants.